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Current time in Japan



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Japan-time is 13 or 14 hours ahead of Beaufort, 16 or 17 ahead of Mirimar, depending on daylight savings time.






Welcome to Iwakuni Beacon! This site was created for all military members, their dependents and SOFA personnel, living on and around Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, or those intending to move to Iwakuni.

The driving force behind the creation of this site was to enhance your experience of living in Iwakuni. Our primary goal is to provide information about living in Iwakuni that isn't easily obtainable by other means or websites. Check out the 'Kuni Life' for an insider's view of life here.

Of course, you can view military affiliated and MCCS websites that host a wealth of information, but our plan is to provide you with information that most people have to learn by living here or knowing someone who lives here.

In the future, our site will offer the Beacon Trader, a place where Iwakuni Military and dependents, Sofa personnel, Contractors, DODD employees and anyone else in the local area can post items for sale, items wanted, services offered and maybe even personal ads.


I hope this site is useful and answers some questions you may have about living in Iwakuni. Feel free to contact me if you have a question or would like to see information on a topic not covered on Iwakuni Beacon.

As you will see, not all pages are finished on this site yet. I have only begun and there is soooo much to tell about what to see and do in Iwakuni and in Japan. Be patient and check back often as more informaton will be added.